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  • Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleic acid quality control sample (Low value)-BNCC

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleic acid quality control sample (Low value)

  • Price: $286
  • number:BNCC361745
  • Packing:Frozen storage tube; 10 4~10 5copies/mL;5 tubes/box
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Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleic acid quality control sample (Low value)
Storage conditions 2-8 ℃
Safety level 0
application The essential control product is suitable for the sensitivity detection, specificity analysis of virus and pathogenic bacteria nucleic acid detection kits, and other viral nucleic acid related research.
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Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleic acid RNA quality control sample

1. Product information

Sample name: Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus RNA nucleic acid quality control sample (low value)

Sample number:  361745

Sample batch: 220602

2. Product features

description the essential control products are packed in 1.5mL frozen storage tubes, each tube is 0.5mL, a total of 5
traceability contains ORF1ab gene fragment (genome location: 13261~15700,18101~18400, NC_019843.3), e gene (27301~27838,NC_019843.3) and n gene (28566~29880,NC_019843.3)
characteristic gene N gene (copies/mL) ORF1ab gene (copies/mL) E gene (copies/mL)
concentration value 104~105 104~105 104~105
reference value 5.6×104 5.8×104 5.1×104
uniformity and stability random sampling, good uniformity of results; Long-term stability test, stability qualified
applicable essential control products are suitable for research such as nucleic acid detection kits and quality control of products in laboratories.
*Note: If you have any questions about the reference material, please contact our center (BNCC) for help before use

3. Instructions

1. After the samples are thawed, they should be temporarily stored on ice at a low temperature, and repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided as much as possible. DNA/RNase-free centrifuge tubes and tips should be used during the experiment.

2. When using this standard material for ORF1ab gene measurement, please carefully verify the sequence coordinates of the PCR primers to be used. Primer sequences cannot exceed the range of genomic coordinates described in the "Traceability" section.

4. Precautions

1. After receiving the goods, please keep them properly. If there is any damage, please contact the center within 24 hours after receipt.

2. Please operate in a sterile environment and in a biological safety cabinet, and try to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

3. Pay attention to biosafety protection when using essential control products. It should be treated as a potentially biologically infectious sample, and the operation and handling must comply with relevant regulatory requirements: the Ministry of Health's "General Guidelines for Biosafety of Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratories" and "Medical Waste Management Regulations".

5. Preservation and transportation

Long-term storage: -80℃, valid for 1 year; transport conditions: transport on dry ice.

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