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  • Escherichia coli phage MS2 nucleic acid reference product is available on the market! The coliphage MS2 nucleic acid reference product developed by BNCC belongs to the heat-inactivated coliphage MS2, which is a virus particle that loses the growth and infection and pathogenicity of the phage through high temperature, but retains the complete genetic material. Mainly used for quality control substances in the molecular biology detection process of RNA viruses, positive controls for nucleic acid detection, etc.
  • Team-building trainings In order to strengthen corporate team building, improve team cohesion and centripetal force, and promote communication among employees, from October 3rd to 4th, all Beina employees carried out team building activities.
  • Beware of cholera season! BNCC Vibrio cholerae ompW gene plasmid DNA reference material protects you! The latest Vibrio cholerae ompW gene plasmid DNA reference material developed by BNCC is suitable for PCR-related detection of Vibrio cholerae ompW gene, which provides a good guarantee for the traceability of its value and can be used for relevant analysis in fields such as inspection and quarantine, disease control, and food safety control. Method evaluation, instrument calibration and quality control of measurement results, etc.
  • Digestive tract infection problems in infants and young children, BNCC adenovirus type 41 nucleic acid reference products to help overcome Adenovirus type 41 is a common virus that causes gastrointestinal infections in infants and young children. Nucleic acid detection is currently the most accurate and sensitive detection technology. During the development and verification of nucleic acid detection kits, accurate and quantitative positive samples are required. In response to market demand, BNCC has developed the adenovirus 41 nucleic acid reference product, which is a heat-inactivated virus that loses the ability to infect and cause disease, but retains the virus particles with complete genetic material. It is just suitable for the sensitivity detection and specificity analysis of the adenovirus 41 nucleic acid detection kit. Of course, it can also be used for the quality control of relevant testing laboratories, effectively monitoring the status of the instrument, personnel operations, etc.
  • The number of confirmed cases of monkeypox worldwide has exceeded 50,000! BNCC Monkeypox Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit Faces Challenges. Monkeypox is currently breaking out all over the world, and mankind is facing the challenge of a global epidemic. Since May of this year, outbreaks of monkeypox have begun in many places around the world, and have spread from Europe and the United States to many places in Asia.
  • Severe epidemic situation, detection upgrade丨BNCC pathogenic nucleic acid detection standard products made another breakthrough. n response to the needs of the new coronavirus epidemic prevention, all localities have focused on strengthening the construction of nucleic acid testing capabilities, and the amount of nucleic acid testing has increased significantly.
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