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spore suspension-BNCC
spore suspension-BNCC
  • spore suspension-BNCC
  • spore suspension-BNCC
  • spore suspension-BNCC

spore suspension

  • Price: $1143
  • number:BNCC358980
  • Packing:Spore suspension 5mL;10 ^ 9CFU/mL
  • Form:
    Size: 2-4mm Shape: Round Edge: Irregular Transparency: Opaque Color: Golden Uplift: Flat Surface: Rough Gray Texture: Dry
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spore suspension
Culture medium Nutritional gravy medium (NA/NB): beef paste 3.0g, peptone 10.0g,NaCl 5.0g, agar 20.0g (without liquid medium), distilled water 1.0L,pH 7.0. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min. [Note] Adding 5 mgMnSO4 · H2O to culture Bacillus is beneficial to produce spores.
Subculture procedure (1) According to the culture conditions, the bacteria are first cultured into a bacterial suspension; ② Measure the absorbance of the bacterial suspension and calculate the initial concentration of the bacterial suspension according to the standard formula; (3) The initial concentration multiplied by the survival rate is the actual concentration after freeze-drying; (4) Dilute the bacterial suspension according to the actual concentration after freeze-drying to obtain the target concentration, and then pack and freeze-dry;
Growth conditions 30 ℃;18-24h; Aerobic;
Storage conditions 2-8 ℃
Safety level 1
morphology Size: 2-4mm Shape: Round Edge: Irregular Transparency: Opaque Color: Golden Uplift: Flat Surface: Rough Gray Texture: Dry
application Resistance Testing
Dry heat sterilization control
Efficacy testing
Ethylene oxide sterilization control
Media testing
Steam sterilization control
Sterility assurance
Sterilization control
Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Resistance test
dry heat sterilization control
efficacy test ethylene oxide sterilization control
medium inspection BR> sterility assurance
sterilization control> drugs and personal care
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Certificate of Bacillus subtilis spore suspension

1. Product information:

Sample name: Bacillus subtilis spore suspension

Sample number:  358980

Sample batch: 220325

2. Product features:

description the appearance is 5mL penicillin bottle packaging, containing spore suspension, is turbid liquid, placed with precipitation
traceability ATCC 9372 Bacillus subtilis
Concentration value 109 CFU/mL
applicable method compliance with dry heat sterilization method 《2020 Edition of Disinfection Technical Specifications》, GB/T 33419 sterilization effect verification evaluation, etc
* note: if you have any questions about the product, please contact the center (BNCC) for help before use.

3. Instructions

This spore suspension is pure spore suspension, which is obtained by cell separation and collection of spores. it can be used directly and the corresponding volume can be added according to the test requirements.

4. Notes

1. Please keep it properly after receiving the goods,  if any damaged is found , please contact the customer service within 24 hours.

2. Please operate in a sterile environment and a biosafety cabinet when using. You must use it all at once after opening.

3. This microbial live bacteria product has certain biosafety risks. please do not directly touch the samples in the bottle with your hands. The residual samples after using should be discarded after high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

5. Preservation and transportation

Long-term storage: 2-8 ℃, valid for 1 year; Transportation conditions:ice pack transportation, the time should not exceed 10 days.

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