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Bacteria are difficult to identify? BNCC

Published:2023-01-13 09:51 Editor:BNCC

Various bacteria have their own unique enzyme systems, so their ability to decompose substrates is different, and their metabolites are also different. Add a certain substrate to the conventional culture medium and add the indicator at the same time. When the bacteria decompose these substrates, the pH value in the culture system will change, thereby changing the color of the indicator. Determination of these metabolites by color change can be used to distinguish and identify bacterial species. According to market demand, BNCC has specially launched a series of biochemical identification kits for fungi, which are available from stock and will be dispatched immediately!


Packed in 2ml vials, each containing 1ml of culture medium, no contamination, good uniformity, stable for long term;Store at 4°C, valid for 1 year

Product code Product name Specifiction
BNCC361930 Enterobacter sakazakii biochemical identification kit  Cillin vial;(11 type×1test)/box
BNCC361931  Lactobacillus biochemical identification kit  Cillin vial;(8 type×1test)/box
BNCC362197 Bacillus cereus biochemical identification kit   Cillin vial;(7 type×1test)/box
BNCC362198 Salmonella biochemical identification kit  Cillin vial;(10 type×1test)/box


1 Open the cillin bottle in the safety cabinet, take the purified bacterial strain, and prepare a bacterial suspension;

2  Use a sterile pipette to inoculate 0.1mL of the bacterial suspension into a vial, and inoculate the agar slant with an inoculation loop;

3  Place the inoculated vials in the incubator, incubate at 37°C for 24-48 hours and observe the results;

4  For the vials that need to add indicators, it is necessary to add the supporting indicators according to the instructions and observe the experimental results.


1  After receiving the goods, please keep them properly. In case of damage, please contact us within 24 hours.

2  When using, please operate in a sterile environment and in a biological safety cabinet. After inoculation and verification, it should be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.

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