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Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)-BNCC
  • Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)-BNCC
  • Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)-BNCC

Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)

  • Price: $3143
  • number:BNCC361551
  • Packing:Frozen storage tube; Concentration ≥ 10 ^ 8CFU/mL;6 tubes/box
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Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)
Culture medium Nutritional gravy medium (English name: NA/NB): beef paste 3.0g, peptone 10.0g,NaCl 5.0g, agar 20.0g (not included in liquid medium), distilled water 1.0L,pH 7.0. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min. [Note] Adding 5 mgMnSO4 · H2O to culture Bacillus is beneficial to produce spores.
Subculture procedure Pick a single colony and add bacteria in a liquid triangular flask, then take 25mL of bacteria liquid and centrifuge to collect bacteria (centrifuge speed 8000r /min,30s), resuspend with 10mLPBS, and collect bacteria suspension for later use. The concentration of bacterial suspension is about 109CFU/mL, diluted to 10-6, 10-7, 10-8 gradient, take 200 μL coating count, select the colony number between 30 CFU to 300 CFU plate count;
Growth conditions Culture temperature 30 ℃;18-24 hours; Aerobic gas environment;
Storage conditions -80 ℃
Safety level 0
application Accurate and rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria can effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of clinical treatment. This product uses heat inactivated strong positive reference for the evaluation of Serratia mucilagi nucleic acid detection reagent, in order to be used for early diagnosis of infection And quality control.
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Serratia marcescens nucleic acid reference certificate

1. Product information

Sample name: Serratia mucilage nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated) (strong positive)

Sample number: 361551

sample batch: 220516

2. Product features

description Packaged in a 1.5mL cryovial containing 0.5mL nucleic acid reference material in a transparent liquid state
traceability Serratia ATCC14756
Preparation method Inoculated tryptone soybean broth medium, collected by centrifugation, suspended in PBS, and inactivated in a water bath at 80 °C for 1 h
Concentration value ≥1.0×108CFU/mL Reference value 8.5×108CFU/mL
applicable method Related research on nucleic acid detection reagents for pathogens
*Note: If you have any questions about the reference materials, please contact our center (BNCC) for assistance before use

3. Instructions

Before use, place the reference substance at room temperature for 30 minutes, fully thaw, shake and mix well, and use it after extracting nucleic acid. The nucleic acid extraction or purification reagents should be prepared by yourself.


1. After receiving the goods, please be sure to keep them properly. If there is any damage, please contact the center within 24 hours after receipt;

2. This product uses the heat inactivation method, which is likely to destroy the protein antigen, and the test related to the protein antigen is not applicable;

3. It should be used as soon as possible after thawing to avoid repeated freezing and thawing more than 3 times;

4. In the process of use, it should be handled according to infectious substances. Please do not touch the samples in the bottle directly with your hands. After use, please sterilize the residual samples at high temperature and high pressure and discard them;

5. Storage and transportation

Long-term storage: -20℃, valid for 2 years; transport conditions: transport on dry ice.

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