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Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC
Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC
Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC
  • BNCC
  • Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC
  • Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC
  • Candida albicans quantitative strain-BNCC

Candida albicans quantitative strain

  • Price: $143
  • number:BNCC358453
  • Packing:penicillin bottle;(5.0±2.0)× 10 ^ 5CFU/bottle
  • Form:
    milky white, raised, moist, viscous, G + cocci
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Candida albicans quantitative strain
Culture medium YM medium (YM): yeast extract 3.0g, malt extract 3.0g, glucose 10.0g, peptone 5.0g, agar 20.0g (without liquid medium), distilled water 1.0L,pH 6.2±0.2. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min.
Subculture procedure (1) According to the culture conditions, the bacteria are first cultured into a bacterial suspension; ② Measure the absorbance of the bacterial suspension and calculate the initial concentration of the bacterial suspension according to the standard formula; (3) The initial concentration multiplied by the survival rate is the actual concentration after freeze-drying; (4) Dilute the bacterial suspension according to the actual concentration after freeze-drying to obtain the target concentration, and then subpack and freeze-dry;
Growth conditions 28 ℃;24-48h; Aerobic;
Growth characteristics Cells round or oval, polygonal budding.
Storage conditions -20 ℃
morphology milky white, raised, moist, viscous, G + cocci
application Research; Analytical testing. "Technical Specifications for Disinfection" Bacteria for Testing Sterilization Effect of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapeutics, "GB 4789.15-2010 Mold and Yeast Count" Positive Control Strain, 2015 Edition Chinese Pharmacopoeia Quality Control Strain.
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Candida albicans

No.: 358453 / CMCC(F)98001

Product format: quantitative bacteria tablets (5.0±2.0)×10^5CFU/bottle


Date of inspection:2022.03.24

Report number:RS22358453- 1

Number of viable bacteria:(5.0±2.0)×10^5CFU/bottle

Valid until:2024.03.22

Sampling ratio:≥2%

Biosafety  level: 1, handle in ultra-clear table or safety cabinet

Items description results
stain microscopy gram positive, microscopic observation of cell morphology ; G + cocci G + cocci
colony form observe single colony morphology ; milky white, raised, moist, sticky
purity non-selective medium culture, colony observation and microscopic examination No contaminated bacterial
Reference value of live bacteria non-selective medium plate, live bacteria count ; 4.9 × 10^5CFU/bottle
Phenotypic and Genotypic Analysis phenotypic testing, gene sequencing ; qualified
test conclusion after quality inspection by BNCC quality control testing system, the product is qualified

Product list:One bottle of (5.0±2.0)×10^5CFU quantitative strain, one bottle of 1mL dissolution solution and one copy of strain certificate;

Validity period: unopened, below -20 ℃, 24 months;

Handling procedure:

1. Open the penicillin-bottle according to the arrow indication on the vial cap;

2. Transfer the strain tablets into the vial of solution, cap with rubber plug, and shake to dissolve

3. It will be (5.0±2.0)×10^5CFU/mL after full dissolved, and use appropriate amount according to the operation demand

4. The bacterial tablets shall be used up once and shall not be retained once the penicillin bottled is opened.


This product is a quantitative strain. Improper storage conditions and handling procedure will affect the accuracy of the strain quantities. Therefore, please operate in strict accordance with the above mentioned instructions.

Waste generated from the handling process should be discarded after high-pressure sterilization.

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