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Quantitative strain of Escherichia coli-BNCC
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  • Quantitative strain of Escherichia coli-BNCC

Quantitative strain of Escherichia coli

  • Price: $58
  • number:BNCC354945
  • Packing:penicillin bottle; 300 ~ 500CFU/bottle
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Quantitative strain of Escherichia coli
Culture medium Nutritional gravy medium (NA/NB): beef paste 3.0g, peptone 10.0g,NaCl 5.0g, agar 20.0g (without liquid medium), distilled water 1.0L,pH 7.0. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min. [Note] Adding 5 mg MnSO4 · H2O to culture Bacillus is beneficial to produce spores.
Growth conditions 37 ℃;18-24h; Aerobic;
Storage conditions -80 ℃
Separation substrate Clinical isolates
application Sensitive test; Antibacterial test; Food testing; Cosmetic testing; Culture control; Quality control strain; API verification bacteria, GB 4789.38-2012 Escherichia coli count positive control strain.
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Escherichia coli

Strain number:BNCC 354945 / ATCC25922

Name: Escherichia coli

Product format: quantitative bacteria tablets                            Number of viable bacteria: 300 ~ 500CFU/bottle

Product batch: 21122001                                                         Valid until: 2022.12.19

Inspection date: 2021. 12.21                                                    Sampling ratio: ≥2%

Report number: RS21354945- 1                                               Biosafety  level:  1, handle in ultra-clear table or safety cabinet

Item Inspection description results
stain microscopy gram negative and positive, cell morphology observed under microscope G-bacilli
colony morphology observation of single colony morphology pale yellow, raised, bright
Purity non-selective medium culture, colony observation and microscopic examination No contaminated bacterial
Reference value of live bacteria Non-selective medium plate, viable count 380CFU/bottle
Phenotypic and Genotypic Analysis phenotypic testing, gene sequencing qualified
test conclusion After the BNCC quality control inspection system quality inspection, the product is qualified

Product list: 300 ~ 500CFU quantitative strain 1 bottle, 1mL dissolved solution 1 bottle, strain certificate 1 copy;

Validity period: unopened, below -20 ℃, 12 months;


1. Open the strain and dissolved solution according to the arrow of Xilin bottle cap;

2. Pour the bacteria tablets into the dissolved liquid, cover the rubber stopper, shake and dissolve;

3. After fully dissolving, it is 300 ~ 500CFU/bottle, which can be sucked in proportion according to the test requirements;

4. Please use up immediately after opening, and do not store it;


① This product is a quantitative strain. improper storage conditions and usage methods will affect the accuracy of the number of strains, so please strictly follow the above storage conditions and methods.

② Used bacteria-carrying consumables, please autoclave and discard them.

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