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  • Aspergillus niger nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated) (strong positive)-BNCC

Aspergillus niger nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated) (strong positive)

  • Price: $1858
  • number:BNCC361767
  • Packing:Frozen storage tube; Concentration ≥ 10 ^ 7CFU/mL;6 tubes/box
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Aspergillus niger nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated) (strong positive)
Culture medium Potato Glucose Agar (English Name: PDA): Potato Boiled Solution 1.0L, Glucose 20.0g, Agar 15.0g, Natural pH. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min. Potato boiling solution: weigh 200g of peeled potato pieces, boil in boiling water for 30min, and collect filtrate to a constant volume of 1.0L.
Growth conditions Culture temperature 28 ℃; Culture time 5-10 days; Aerobic gas environment;
Storage conditions -80 ℃
Safety level 1
application Pathogenic nucleic acid detection kit cross-reaction, specificity test, and other nucleic acid related studies.
Sharing mode Public welfare sharing

Aspergillus niger nucleic acid reference certificate

This reference product was developed by Henan Industrial Microbial Strain Engineering Technology Research Center. It can be used for specific analysis of nucleic acid detection kits, cross-reaction verification, measurement method evaluation and laboratory quality control.

1. Product information

product name Aspergillus niger nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated) (strong positive)
number BNCC 361767 batch 220608

2. Product features

description there are 6 pieces of this product, each containing 0.5mL, frozen
species Fungal kingdom, Aspergillus, Aspergillus niger
traceability Henan province industrial microbial strain engineering technology research center & larr;CMCC 98003
preparation method inoculation and culture, collection of hyphae and spores, liquid exchange suspension, 80 ℃ water bath inactivation for 1 hour
other ingredients PBS, stabilizer
store -80 ℃ valid for 2 years
*Note: If you have any questions about the reference material, please contact our center (BNCC) for help before use

3. Quality inspection

project standard confirm test results
bacterial concentration ≥1.0×107CFU/mL 1.2×107CFU/mL
authentication phenotypic characteristics, biochemical identification Exactly consistent with Aspergillus niger
gene sequencing similarity rate 100%

4. Instructions for use

This reference product is not recommended for repeated freezing and thawing. Before use, take it out of the refrigerator, equilibrate to room temperature, mix well, and it is ready to use.

5.Matters needing attention

1. After receiving the goods, if any damage is found, please contact the center in time within 24 hours, and reissue it free of charge after confirmation;

2. This product uses heat inactivation method, which is likely to cause protein damage, and is only suitable for nucleic acid and other tests;

Henan Engineering Research Center of Industrial Microbiology

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