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Seeking Global Laboratory Partners: Join Us in Advancing Microbial Research and Development

Published:2024-07-05 11:00 Editor:BNCC

BNCC has been at the forefront of microbial and cell strains production and research since our establishment in 2010. It has a 17025 certified laboratory and a research base of about 24,000 square meters. Our comprehensive product portfolio covers food, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and industrial fields, serving over 3000 laboratories worldwide. We would like to seek global laboratory partners to establish new joint ventures that will further propel the boundaries of microbial and cellular science.

Invitation to Collaborate: Building Joint Laboratories for microbial and cell strains

We are now actively seeking laboratories globally to establish collaborative partnerships. You can join hands with us in the production, research and development and sales of microbial and cell strains.

Ideal Partners:

   1. Microbiology, Cellular, and Viral Culture Facilities: We are particularly interested in facilities that possess P1 and P2 level laboratories for microorganism, cell, and virus culturing.

   2.  ISO 17025-Certified Laboratories: Preference will be given to partners who have been accredited ISO 17025 certification, ensuring quality and reliability in our later collaboration.

   3. Analytical Testing Centers and Third-Party Inspection Agencies: Collaborations with analytical testing centers and third-party inspection agencies will strengthen our research capabilities and expand our service range.

Our Vision for Collaboration:

Together, we aim to:

   1. Accelerate Research & Development: Leveraging our collective resources and expertise, we will undertake groundbreaking research projects focused on microbial strains, cells, and viruses culture.

   2.  Enhance Production Capabilities: Establishing advanced production facilities within our joint laboratories will enable us to scale up production efficiently, meeting the growing global demand for high-quality microbial and cellular products.

   3.  Expand Market Reach: By pooling our marketing and distribution networks, we can broaden our global footprint, ensuring that our products reach more customers and applications.

   4. Facilitate Knowledge Sharing: Regular exchanges of scientific insights, best practices, and technical know-how will enrich our teams and foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

How to Join Us:

If you share our passion for microbial and cellular research and are interested in exploring collaboration opportunities, we invite you to reach out to us. Please submit your expression of interest, along with a brief overview of your company's capabilities and areas of expertise, to Our team will review all submissions and get back to you promptly to discuss potential collaboration frameworks.

If you join us, we believe that we can achieve greater heights in microbial and cellular science. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and shape the future of our industry.


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