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  • Candida albicans nucleic acid reference material (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)-BNCC

Candida albicans nucleic acid reference material (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)

  • Price: $1858
  • number:BNCC360608
  • Packing:Frozen storage tube; Concentration ≥ 10 ^ 6CFU/mL;6 tubes/box
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Candida albicans nucleic acid reference material (Heat inactivated) (Strongly positive)
Culture medium YM medium (English name: YM): yeast extract 3.0g, malt extract 3.0g, glucose 10.0g, peptone 5.0g, agar 20.0g (without liquid medium), distilled water 1.0L,pH 6.2±0.2. Sterilization at 121 ℃ for 15min.
Subculture procedure Before use, balance the reference at room temperature for 30min and thaw. Equilibrium to room temperature, vortex oscillation and mixing, according to the nucleic acid extraction reagent instructions to extract nucleic acid after use, nucleic acid extraction or purification reagents need to be self-provided.
Storage conditions -80 ℃, kept away from light
Safety level 2
application Accurate and rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria can effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of clinical treatment. This product uses heat inactivated strong positive reference for evaluation of Candida albicans nucleic acid detection reagent, in order to be used for early diagnosis and quality control of infection.
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Candida albicans Nucleic Acid Reference Certificate

1. Product information

Sample name: Candida albicans nucleic acid reference (heat inactivated)

Sample number: 360608

sample batch: 220107

2. Product features

Description Appearance is transparent liquid, packaged in 1.5mL cryovial
Traceability ATCC 10231 Candida albicans
Concentration value ≥10^6CFU/mL
Uniformity and stability Random sampling, the uniformity of the results is good; long-term stability test, the stability is qualified
Applicable method Related research on nucleic acid detection reagents for pathogens
*Note: If you have any questions about the reference material, please contact our center (BNCC) for help before use

3. Instructions

Before use, the reference material was equilibrated at room temperature for 30 minutes and thawed. Equilibrate to room temperature. After vortexing and mixing, extract the nucleic acid according to the instructions of the nucleic acid extraction reagent before use. The nucleic acid extraction or purification reagent should be prepared by yourself.

4. Notes

1. After receiving the goods, please keep them properly. If there is any damage, please contact the center within 24 hours after receipt;

2. This material is inactivated by heat inactivation, which is likely to cause damage to protein antigens, and is not suitable for experiments related to protein antigens;

3. The research materials should be used as soon as possible after freezing and thawing, and can be stored at -80°C and below, but avoid repeated freezing and thawing more than 3 times;

4. During the use of this research material, it should be treated as infectious substances. Please do not touch the samples in the bottle directly with your hands. After use, please sterilize the residual samples at high temperature and high pressure and discard them;

5. Preservation and transportation

long-term storage:-80 ℃, valid for 2 years; Transportation conditions: dry ice transportation, the time should not exceed 7 days.

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